As it turned out, I forgot to show a gum paste cake I made for Lera’s 5th birthday, which was in February. At first, she wanted a cake with Dusty Crophopper from Planes. And a week before her birthday, she suddenly changes her mind and said she wanted a cake with a pink pony. As you wish, my sweetie.
Gum paste ingredients:
– marshmallows – 200 g
– powdered sugar – 250 g
– lemon juice – 2 tbsp.
– melted butter – 2 tbsp.
– food colors
I made two small balls from white gum paste, flattened them a bit, and then pressed into the head to make eye whites. I used food colors, small brushes, and toothpicks to draw pony’s eyes.


Then I added ears and put the head on pony’s body.
 and mane
I always use toothpicks to assemble all parts together. Don’t forget to warn your kids about them 🙂
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Тimmy Time
Have fun!