It’s been long ago since the last Creative Mom’s post. Well on the 24th of February it was Lera’s birthday. And she thinks she is pretty grown-up right now )) She is 4 now. So on Sunday, we drove to the dolphinarium. I don’t know who liked it more Lera or daddy ))) And I as always was making a cake the night before. This time Lera chose Timmy Time. And though it would be Dora and Boots )) If I knew this before I wouldn’t have presented her a Timmy toy which I made a couple of weeks ago. Well, Timmy has so specific head that I had a lot of trouble with it while sewing. So the 1st head was thrown away and the 2nd one was sewed to the body :)) It is not only a toy you can put a little bag with hot cereals in it and it becomes a cozy warmer. 
And now here comes the cake “Timmy Time”. Lera also likes Mittens so I decided to make her too.
Well, I know my black hands look horrible. But all paint was awash easily and completely. You can see my clean hands below. This is food paint and is supposed to be eatable but still, I do not allow Lera to eat Timmy. The only one his ear was eaten :)) 



 our little Timmy fan


Our birthday morning started as usual
at first with the cake than with the presents.