As a freelance paper artist with ten years of experience and two kids I know for certain that routine is like a helpful framework, that gives your creative work a dependable structure without getting too controlling. Instead of holding back your artistic freedom, it acts more like a helpful support system, making your work process even better. My morning routines are like a special time for me to level up inspiration, get focused, and ready to be productive. They’re like the start button for the day, they set the tone for the day, infusing it with intention and purpose.

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Importance of routine for full-time artist | Cozy art vlog with a pinch of magic

Consistency and Discipline

So, a routine provides structure and discipline, helping artists stay focused and committed to their craft. Consistently dedicating time to art allows for steady progress and improvement over time.

Importance of routine for full time artist

reducing visual clutter and keeping your art space clean

One of my daily routines is a simple but effective one that can supercharge your productivity: reducing visual clutter and keeping your art space clean. A cluttered workspace can clutter your mind, making it harder to focus and get into the creative flow. But when you clean and organize your art space, you create an inviting environment that encourages creativity and productivity. I clean up my tables every evening, it takes me only 5 minutes, and it’s so good to start your work day knowing you don’t have to worry about dealing with a messy work space first thing in the morning.

Importance of routine for full time artist

I work digitally, I think, 99% of my time. But this year I want to turn to hand cutting and art journaling on paper at least once a week. As digital artists, we’re can be dazzled by the endless possibilities technology offers. I love those endless possibilities, but drawing on paper or paper hand cutting encourage spontaneity and experimentation. Unlike digital art where you can undo mistakes, working on paper means each stroke counts.  This pushes us out of our comfort zone and fosters risk-taking and opening doors to new creative horizons.

Importance of routine for full time artist

Switching between different kinds of work as an artist can be a positive and helpful routine

What I love the most about my freelancing and I’m so thankful about it is the possibility to switch between different types of work – designing digitally in Illustrator on my laptop, assembling paper projects by hand and drawing on iPad. I think that such working routing helps me to prevent a creative burnout.  I know that this three-types working process is my choice, but you can try it too! Engaging in vArious types of work will challenge you to explore different mediums, styles, and techniques. This versatility not only can expand your skill set, but also will allow you to approach your art or work from different perspectives, which may lead to growth and development.

So, establishing a routine is essential for full-time artists to maintain consistency, maximize productivity, foster creativity, maintain balance, build momentum, and promote professional development in their artistic endeavors.

Happy crafting!