At last, I returned to my column Creative Mom 🙂 Today I want to show you how I made gum paste cake for my daughter’s birthday 🙂



Ingredients for Sugar gum paste:  
– marshmallow – 200 g
– sugar powder – 250 g
– fresh lemon juice – 2 tablespoons
– butter – 2 tablespoons 
– cooking dyes

Some pictures from the process 🙂 I haven’t found ready-made gum paste in shops so I had to do it myself.
You need to dip your hands in sugar powder so the gum paste doesn’t stick to them.


Sheet your paste (paste circle diameter = double cake hight + cake diameter), cover the cake with it, cut off the border if necessary, and make it even with your hands.

I decorated the border with a twisted strip

All parts for Kitty I made separately and then glued (I don’t know if this is a correct word )) them together with water and toothpicks.

I cut the flower for the head manually using my daughter’s toy modeling tools))) I also used them for other parts 🙂


The nose is made from lemon rind. Then I embossed whiskers and cover them with chocolate. Eyes are made in the same way. In the end, I cut out with my daughter’s toy knife ))

It seems this is all 🙂