Those, who read me on facebook, have already seen Lera’s New Year costume. I was endeavouring to finish this post for two months. Well, for this year Lera’s teacher decided to make a circus performance for the New Year party in the kindergarten (we got the best teacher), and Lera got the role of a pony. And of course, she immediately said she would be Rarity (My Little Pony). You can’t even imagine, how hard it appeared for me to make this dress, I almost came to tears.



Some costume details



I messed up with the pattern by copying it from old Lera’s T-shirt which was too small for her. And I also did not have enough fabric, because I bought the last piece in the store. And that piece was less than I needed )))


DIY the Element of Harmony Necklace
And this necklace is Element of Harmony. Rarity has one with violet diamond. I already have all supplies. But it was the diamond shaped bead that made me run around the city ))And I found it, thanks to my hubby.

1. Fold in a half a gold-cloth, and put on top of it a thin piece of felt.
2. Pin a
paper template of the necklaces to both fabrics , and not removing the template, sew along the contour. If you accidentally stitched a bit of paper, do not worry. It comes off easily.
3. Now cut it out and turn.
Enclose the unfinished seam.

I painted a bead with a nail polish. After that I cut a diamond shaped element from a foam sheet and coloured it with a marker Pilot Gold. Then I glued a golden cord around the bead, and after that glued all parts together. In the end I added chain with a clasp.


And I want to share my fast and easy way to make flowers. Just cover you piece of fabric with masking tape, cut out a flower, add some glue in the middle and press. The masking tape helps you to cut out needed figures, it makes fabric like thick paper. After cutting just peel off the tape. 

It was a long post )) Thanks for stopping by!!