Hi girls! It’s a weekly column Creative Mom. I stayed home all week and laid my hands on different crafts 🙂

Made a magic wand from:
– sticks from the flag
– pink felt
– knitted flower
– rhinestones

I thought of making a hedgehog with Valeria, but it turned out to be from very small details. I had to cut and glue it myself under the strict guidance of my daughter. The template was printed from the website Canon cp.c-ij.com (3D paper hedgehog) – a storehouse of sets for children’s creativity!

Next on the list is bedding for dolls. At first, together with Valeria, we made a crib from corrugated cardboard.

I replenished our doctor’s suitcase with a thermometer. The doctor left us a wooden spatula, I stamped it and ready. 🙂

In 20 minutes I sewed a new dress for the new doll. There are no new shoes, therefore, Alice frowns on the photo. 🙂

And finally, our autumn art-work.