I chose the most colorful photos from the exhibition “MEDVIN: Needlework and Hobbies”, which was held in Kyiv on September 6 – 9, 2011. There were a lot of interesting things, but the main thing is that I finally met personally with some Kyiv scrapbook-ladies 8) In general, my eyes were wide and I wanted to buy more and more…

Although I know how to crochet, as always, even for a small piece there is not enough time…

The photo does not convey all the beauty – these large ostrich eggs are especially beautiful, white in general, like lace with holes. If my memory serves me right, a technique called acid pickling.

I also want to someday get to such a workshop on egg coloring.

I really liked the felting workshop. I had never seen how to be made of wool. The process itself was long and tedious, but what a beauty it turns out!

Clay figures and utensils

Next to the lilac Eiffel Tower are the tables of our scrapbook ladies.

Leather passport covers.

Lovely toys.

I also really want an embroidered shirt.






I liked the panel made of fabric. Very beautiful, neat and big. Dresses, handbags and all kinds of different details are voluminous!



As a creative person, I want to learn everything, including modeling from polymer clay. Flowers are like real!


Miniature furniture fits on the palm of your hand. Decoupage.



There were so many different pieces.




I left scrapbooking at the end of the post. Shop ScrapArt.

Albinos cards

Chipboards Paper-Maraka

And I want to try it too.


The girls were with their babies.

Here Luda milena60 joined us.

There were many photos, but I chose the most interesting ones. 🙂
Hopefully watched to the end.
Have a great weekend!