Hi, girls from rainy Berdyansk! It had to be 20 below zero instead we have rain and strong wind… I’ll put it in short 🙂 I made this photo frame for a shop ScrapFactory before New Year 🙂 I gave it to my dad. Last autumn it was 30 years since he’s been working in the seaport. 
When I picked up a piece of paper from Seaside Seashells (October Afternoon), “Oh, fence!” Flashed through my head. But then I turned it 90 degrees, and I got a wooden board of the ship. She made the frame for her dad, this fall marks the 30th anniversary of his work in the seaport. On a blue checkered paper, Seaside Harbor (the underlay under the photo) placed the eyelets on top of a piece of gauze and extended the cord. This is all attached to the main sheet of the Seaside Seashells. Seaside cut a round sticker from the cardstock from the side and bottom and stuck these pieces over the photo. She added time to accents from a sheet of paper by Seaside Boardwalk.
The helm is cut out of thick paper and covered with Diamond Glaze several times until a convex surface is obtained. In the middle, I stuck a drop of Prim. After she added a few decorations – photo holders, brads, cord, braid, shell, carving figures.
Hugs & kisses 🙂