Hello there! I have some tips to share with you. Recently I made a layered rose cut file for Silhouette. And there are four ways to use it. The first one and the obvious is to cut it out on a coloured or patterned paper. The second way is to cut it out using a stamp material to make two stamps. And as for another two, I will talk about them more detailed.



The third way is to paint the rose with watercolour. The trick is to draw on a wet watercolour paper. I wet it using a spray bottle, but you can also use a big brush. So when you add a watercolour try to make small strokes – let the water do the rest, let the colour spread in different directions.
The fourth way can be a little bit tricky, but it’s fun! So you do not need to cut the file twice – just use the negative part as a stencil. The first step – use the shape #1 to draw the base of the rose. The second step – use the shape #2 to draw the petals with a darker colour.



Add some strokes in the middle of the rose and on petals to finish it.