Hello everyone! While Lera’s guesting at my parents’ I try to catch up with my craft stuff. And as I promised here are two assemble tutorials for my recent cut files.
 heart box


heart shaped box
This is a beautiful half heart shaped box, which becomes a full heart when it’s opened. You can also cut a second box (previously flipping all shapes horizontally) and make a second box. Two boxes will look like a full heart.
DIY paper heart shaped box

st. valentine heart shaped box 

clematis flower
DIY paper clematis flower
So here is another cut file assemble tutorial 🙂 a clematis flower.

1. Glue three sets of petals together.

 paper clematis flower

2. Glue a short and a long stripes together. Start rolling from the long one. Take long stamens and press down.

how to paper clematis flower

I cut petals from white paper and coloured slightly with yellow and green. I usually choose light weight paper for flowers and without any texture. 

DIY paper clematis flower