Natasha, thank you for reminding me)) I completely forgot about it. So here is the answer to your question: “What the title and the scissors are made of?” All that you need is to tear out a page from an old magazine and voilà we have to brand new pieces to decorate our LO ♥

So this is what we have, the colors we need and as addition an amazing texture.

Also, you can use these cuttings as a stencil. What I actually did with these circles, and with the stars.


That’s all for today about scrap tips.

And yet)) This is the last talk today)) At the weekend I decided to play my favorite Nancy Drew. I like to play in the original in English, but this one is in Russian.

So, I never thought before who voiced it in the game. Googled and found. Who would have thought!!! The woman’s name is Lani Minella, and she voices over 100 different games. It’s incredible how many votes she has. ☺

source I advise you to watch the video)) cool

Well that’s all for now))