DIY Christmas paper star lantern SVG

This absolutely stunning Scandinavian paper star lantern makes gorgeous window or home decoration. Let’s make this time of the year even more magical. I simply love making my own decorations, especially with kids. I want them to remember our holiday traditions and follow them when they become grown ups. And of course be open to the creation of new ones.

Why Are Traditions Important?

Recently I read an article about the importance of traditions by Donna Rockwell. She’s a licensed clinical psychologist, and according to her, traditions can make our kids stronger. She says, “It is during the holidays that our unique cultural traditions have the greatest potential to help in this process of self-definition, to contribute to well being, and to cultivate an all-important sense of belonging and a healthy perspective of our place in the world. Our traditions act as a compass for all of our human relationships and personal interactions, the qualitative experiences of our family life, and ultimately, the development of civilized societies themselves.”

As we had to flee Ukraine this year and move to Spain for sometime, I was convinced again how important and necessary family traditions are. Even the most insignificant ones, like baking pancakes every Saturday for breakfast.


Winter is the perfect season for paper lanterns. And with minimal materials, you can make something this magical!

You will need white cardstock and vellum. The vellum makes candle/garland light softer and more cozy. The size of this lantern is 55 cm (21.5 inches). Yeah it’s very big but you can scale it no problem. It’s Portrait and Cameo compatible.

DIY Paper Star Lantern

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DIY Christmas Paper Lantern