Recently I came across a very interesting diary – Bright Diary by Irina Negovan. It was love from first sight. It’s an unusual diary. It is designed for kids (4-11 y.o.). And it has a lot of funny and useful tasks. The main idea is that you should fill it TOGETHER with your kid. It will help you not only to entertain the little one but will help to know him or her better. Lera and I have already filled four double-pages!
Bright Diary by Irina Negovan

The right page remains the same throughout the whole diary. It has seven blocks. The left page has different designs and funny tasks. This Bright Diary was created by a mom for her son. And later her friends convinced her to publish it! It is published in two languages, Ukrainian and Russian. But maybe someday you’ll be able to get an English copy.


Bright Diary by Irina Negovan review

And here are our pages – so much fun!!

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