Being a perfectionist is not always a good thing. Sometimes it’s hard to stop and say – enough, it looks perfect already, but the voice inside you keeps saying – not perfect perfect. So one day I decided to make a pumpkin cream soup for dinner. My daughter and I love it! And in a moment I was standing near the cut pumpkin – making the perfect composition and trying to take a perfect picture )) It took me 20 minutes, but the result was worth it. Why am I doing this? I always say that the best way to learn is practice.
Scrapbook Photography Composition Rules
5 Photography Composition Rules
Scrapbooking Photography Composition Rules
#1. Remember about the rule of thirds.
#2. Find your subjects and balance its “weight” by adding small and less important objects. I marked my subjects on both pictures with red dots. They are a bigger pumpkin piece and a plate of soup.
#3. Viewpoint. Don’t stick to one viewpoint, change it to find the perfect one. You can see that I started to shoot the pumpkin from above and then moved down a bit.
#4. Try cropping
when you see that the subject got lost among the less important
details. This will help to keep the attention focused on the subject.
#5. Harmonious background.
Inappropriate background – too dark, too light, to busy or too empty,
can ruin your perfect shot. Two first photos have two objects, which I
removed from the composition later. They are a dark-brown salt cellar
and a light-green bowl. They distracted badly from the subject.
And here are my two perfect (at least for me 😉 shots. By the way the soup was great!


And I made a handy cheat sheet. You are welcome to save or Pin it.
Photography Composition Rules cheat sheet