Christmas is in the air! Love this magical season! We’ve decorated our Christmas tree a week ago. We usually do this right on the 1st of December, but this year we ordered a new bigger tree and had to wait for it. We all have holiday family traditions that really make it the most wonderful time of the year. And I want to share one of our favourite family traditions. We love to make cookies with royal icing.

We make them for Saint Nicholas Day mostly. Last year I made a Saint Nicholas cookie cutter from a can. I just couldn’t find one here at our stores. It’s easier than it looks 🙂 and you don’t need any special tool to make it. 

diy cookie cutter St. Nicolas

1,2,3,4. Cut two 2cm wide stripes from the can.
5. Print, cut out the template and measure the length of its perimeter with a thread. Cut the rest of the thread off.
6. Measure the can stripes with the piece of thread which you measured the paper template with.
7. Fold stripes in two lengthwise.
8. Using the paper template and tweezers make folds where needed to form the cutter shape.
9. Add another stripe to finish the shape.
10. Fix both stripes with a stapler.
11. The cutter is ready!



And these are the royal icing cookies which I made this Easter. I also used the DIY cookie cutter for the big eggs. This is my first ever royal icing )) It appeared not so easy as it seemed on youtube video )) But I encourage you to try. It so much fun, especially for kids!

diy cookie cutter
 DIY egg cookie cutter tutorial.