Yippee! At last we have sunny and warm autumn! I hope we’ll manage to get to the woods this weekend. I like rain but it’s much happier to work inside when such a good weather is outside. This week as well as the previous was a little bit fussy ))  in a manner of speaking. Well today I will share my autumn gift set. I love autumn! It’s so beautiful time of the year! I made it for the blog Lemon Owl for Theme day. Be sure to stop by to look at amazing projects by Amelie and Victoria!
DIY Beautiful Fall Card
DIY Beautiful Fall Card with apples
Speaking of autumn 🙂 Autumn and Halloween shapes are the most popular on Silhouette site these days. I try not to drop behind )) All shapes in my Portfolio. You are welcome!
And here is a pict for magic and Potter fans )) My best friend is Lera’s god mother, we have so many common interests ♥ She lives far away, in Kramatorsk, I studied there. Recently I’ve got a parcel from her with lots of little presents inside for me and Lera. I added the castle in photoshop.
Have a sunny day!