Hi ladies! We still at home getting well. Well, I just want to write a few words about my attempts to enter  JessicaSprague.com. And always I get this 

[Forbidden You don’t have permission to access / on this server.]
I just want to buy the digital kits of  Ecko Park and Pink Paislee, but they are placed right on Jessica’s site. I’m not the one who have such problem. I got no answer from Ecko Park but girls from Pink Paislee reacted immediately (thank you!). But this didn’t help anyway. They sent my request to Jessica. I wait for the answer.  

I have an idea, and I really want to implement it, but I can’t buy what I want ((
UPD 18.09
I got the letter from Laurie from Jessica’s site  ☺ and I described my problem in return. “I live in Ukraine. I tried to enter your site from different computers with different providers and always it was one result – forbidden. I used different browsers – Opera, Firefox and Chrome. Then I decided to contact our provider for the home computer and they said that all Ukrainian IP addresses are blocked 🙁 This is the only site where there is such a problem.”UPD 19.09 Got another letter. Laurie told me that they blocked a couple of countries because they had a really bad piracy problem with them (( You know I thought about this.UPD 25/09 
I’m so happy!!! I’m nearly jumping ☺ I got a letter from Laurie and she said that their guys had fixed my problem. Yep! I can enter the site, I can see all content and I can check out. I’m so appreciated for the help ♥ 

UPD 10/10 I forgot to update this post – I bought the digi kits on site!!

I hope I’ll be able to realize my idea