Happy St. Valentine’s Day! In few days we’ll be back in Kyiv at home, but before it, 18 hours in train hangs over us…Yesterday I met Marina Denize. She has so cute daughters. I want to drop in for an hour but we stayed there for almost three hours. Her elder daughter’s name is also Lera and she was born at the same day as my Lera, can you imagine that! And her second little daughter is like a little angel so sweet.  

And this is a present for my dear husband for St. Valentine’s Day. Last year we were in the hospital and didn’t celebrate it, this year we didn’t celebrate it together either he had to go home. But I bought and packed the present before our departure and then hid it )) Yesterday I sent him SMS so he could find it 🙂


I sewed a bag for my present, over it I stitched felt hearts. I also printed this photo for my husband. I shot myself with a black sheet and then added words in PS 🙂 

And my little helper 🙂