I just adore this time of year! I believe in magic and love the winter holidays. And I will maintain my daughter’s faith in Santa Clause as long as I can ☺ Here is my LO made especially for the last in this year challenge in Paperdvizhnik “The New Year of my childhood”. I need to say thanks to my parents and our big family for my attitude to New Year and Christmas. These holidays always have been merry, noisy, hospitably, surely with a Christmas tree, old movies, Olivier salad, old Slavic Christmas divination.

Who remembers those plastic little animals that flew out with clapperboard confetti? Maybe not everyone had such, but for me, this is one of the children’s associations with the New Year 🙂

And this is Christmas boot for candies which I made using LAE paper from Carousel collection. The first one I made two years ago and you can find my tutorial HERE.




Good day to all!