Specially for blog Design House LAE  I wrote the boot for spices tutorial. The boot is a part of a gift set for mulled wine.

corrugated cardboard
thin cardboard

1. On the corrugated cardboard, we draw a sketch of the boot. Cut and circle the first blank on the second sheet of corrugated cardboard. Two blanks should be as identical as possible so that the boot does not mow sideways after assembly.


2. Using a measuring tape (centimeter) measures the length of the sides and the sole of the boot, not counting the upper edge. Next, cut a strip of cardboard (I took the folder from the paper for plotting A3 format). It’s not scary if the strip doesn’t work out whole, you can glue it from several pieces to get the desired length. The length of the strip is equal to the total length of the sides and the sole of the boot, the width you choose the one you want. On each side along the edge, we cut cloves.

3. Glue the toothed strip to the corrugated board blank. The teeth should be on the outside. If you glue on PVA, let the glue dry completely, so that in the further assembly the cloves do not peel off at the most inopportune moment.

4. Glue the second strip also with teeth out. If the blanks from the corrugated cardboard are the same, that special difficulties should not arise. If you see that the boot is mowing in one of the sides, peel off the cloves and correct the workpieces.

5. On top of the finished boot, I pasted the usual transparent adhesive tape for durability. Scrapbooking paper was glued after double-sided adhesive tape. Pens cut off from an unnecessary paper bag. First, we glue the handles, then on top of them inward a wide braid. Next, glue the same braid on the outside and decorate the boot, as the soul desires.