Hi to all! It’s cold and wet outside – Autumn I wish I were at home playing in Nancy Drew and drinking latte )) Dreams, dreams… Well here is my new LO. Lots of dots, spots, and tattered paper.

 Hands off my loaves!!

To create the base, I connected two sheets of different sizes, and secured them on top with paper tape. Then I applied tint with blue paint to the resulting base. I cut flags with different patterns and stuck to the main sheet. Added a little paint, blots, buttons, laces. Set small accents with a black pen and stamps. The name for the page was cut out on a plotter.


In the first version, I used this sweet face (see below). I just could not find the other one from that batch )) And then when the LO was already made I saw it on my sister’s iPad. “Where did you get it??!!” – “In your online Picasa album”. So I switched the photos ☺