It’s so wonderful outside – sunny and warm, everything is in bloom and smells fabulous!! My bouquet in a pot does not blossom but has a yummy smell. The smell of chocolate – it’s a sweet bouquet. I made it for our kindergarten teacher. Lera’s class name is “Pansy”, that’s why it has so many pansies in it.

DIY sweet bouquet using pansy flower cut file



I used my cut file Pansy to make these beautiful flowers. Thanks to my CAMEO it took me less than a minute to cut all those shapes – so easy!  Here is the assemble tutorials. Before gluing all petals together curl them a bit with a pen.


DIY paper pansy flower
I also сoloured all petals with Pebbels chalk. And in the end I added a yellow drop of Perlen-Pen by Viva Decor in the centre of each flower.


DIY sweet bouquet with pansy flowers


At first I wanted to put all assemble instructions in one post. But then I decided that it would be a veeery long post. So I will publish the instructions for the heart box and clematis flower separately 🙂