Heart Shaped Gift Box with Lace Heart and 3D Flowers

Beautiful heart shaped box with elegant lace heart and easy to make 3D flowers is perfect for Valentine's present or as a wedding gift box. Portrait and CAMEO compatible. Measures 7'' x 7.1'' x 2.8'' (17x18x7 cm) when cut at original size.

  1. Cut all pieces.
2-5. Start to make the box lid by adhering the side parts. The lid is marked with letters T and the bottom with letters B.
6. Repeat the the previous steps to make the bottom.

7. Decorate the lid heart shaped cover with scalloped edge heart and lace heart. If you want add some dimension you need to foam mount these decorative parts.
8. Adhere the decorative heart on top of the lid and under the box bottom.

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