3D Mason Jar Box Card for Valentine's Day

Beautiful box card with transparent windows and floating hearts (folds flat for mailing). Easy to make, Portrait and CAMEO compatible. Measures 3.15'' x 5,12'' width 2.4'' (8x13 cm, width 6 cm) when cut at original size.

1. Cut all parts.

2. Layer the front part.
3. Adhere the transparent square on the back.
4. Adhere the hearts on top.

This is how you layer the hearts 
5-6. Adhere the transparent square on the back of the second part.
7. Flip the second part and adhere the hearts on top of the transparent heart. Repeat these steps to layer all five inner parts of the box card.
8. Adhere the white heart on the back layer of the box card. It will help to highlight the little hearts while the box card is standing.

 9. Insert the five inner parts into the coordinating slots and adhere the tabs.
10. Close the box card and adhere first tab of the back layer.
11-12. Fold flat the card on the other side and adhere the second tab of the back layer.

13. Adhere the cover on the side parts. You can also add the sentiments on the back of the box card.

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