DIY Gift Box for Valentine s Day

DIY Valentine’s Day gift box that you can make for your special someone.

Fill it with small gifts, candy and a cute message straight from the heart!

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DIY Gift Box for Valentine s Day

1. Cut out all pieces. Adhere two parts of the box together. Then fold the box base over to adhere the remaining tab in place. Pop the base up to form its shape.

2-3 “Lock” the bottom of the box by closing the tabs two by two.

4. Turn the box and close its top by pressing the fold lines inside as shown on the picture.

DIY Gift Box for Valentine s Day

5. This is how the closed box looks like.

6-7. Adhere the two parts oh the ribbon together.

8. Fold the score line on the ribbon, wrap it around the box and adhere the ribbon ends together. Don’t worry that the ends don’t feet the pattern. This part of the ribbon will be covered by the 3D flower.

9. Curve the flower petals.

10. Adhere the flower parts together. Adhere the flower on the leaves.

DIY Gift Box for Valentine s Day