Paper coffee cup box with paper whipped cream

Coffee cup box with whipped cream is a funny way to say Thank you,
Congratulations or give a small present to someone special for you.

Design ID #288435

1. Start to assemble the cup pieces
2. Flip over the cup pieces and adhere the first bottom part.
3. Cover the bottom of the cup with the second circle.
4. Start to assemble the lid.
5. Adhere the thinner stripe on the first tab. 
6. Flip over the lid and continue to adhering the paper stripe. In this way it is easier to do it.

7. Flip over the lid again and adhere the thicker stripe.
8. Adhere the brown part which imitates coffee.
9. Curve a bit and form a cup sleeve.
10. Adhere the tab to make a cup sleeve. 

Paper whipped cream

1. Adhere all parts together.
2. Fold the score lines.
3. Insert each petals into the appropriate slot.
4. Adhere the petal tops together to form the cream peak.

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