Coffee Cup Box Card SVG Cutting Files

Ever since I started on this artistic adventure, crafting unique 3D paper pieces has been my true passion. From delicate greeting cards to beautiful gift boxes, each piece I create holds a special place in my heart. But today, I’m bursting with joy as I unveil a collection of the cutest box cards that have truly taken my creativity to a whole new level.

Coffee Cup Box Card SVG Cutting Files

  1. Cut out all the pieces.
  2.  I like adding some dimension to the flowers with the ball tool. But you can skip this step if you want.
  3. Some flowers overlap, so you need to adhere them in this order.
  4. And the second layer of flowers.
  5. I use the ball tool to press the center of the flowers down to adhere them.
  6. If you don’t have the liquid pearls, just use the half pearls.

Coffee Cup Box Card SVG Cutting Files

8. Layer the cup pieces and adhere the center part.

9. Assemble the cup by adhering the side tab.

10-11. Adhere the R tag inside the card.

12. Add some glue to the L tab and close the card.

Coffee Cup Box Card SVG Cutting Files

13. The tab will adhere in the right place by itself.

14. Adhere the second inner panel in the same way.

15. Adhere the otter (or other animal from this set) on the front inner panel.

16. Taa daa! You did it! ♥

Happy crafting!