Wedding Favor Box SVG

Elegant wedding favor box is the best way to present your edible wedding favors.

Each side of the box is 8,7 cm. And you can enlarge it up to 13,5 cm

The assemble tutorial
1. Cut out all pieces. Fold on the score lines.  Place adhesive along each tab.

2. Adhere the two base pieces together. Then fold the pieces over to adhere the remaining tab in place. Pop the base up to form its shape. Adhere the square to make the box bottom.

3-4. Repeat steps 1 and 2 to make the box lid.

Wedding Favor Box SVG

5. Adhere two pieces of the paper ribbon together.

6. Adhere the flower parts together.

7. Put the paper ribbon on the box.

8. Adhere the leaves and the flower on it.

Wedding Favor Box SVG