Thank you ladies for the comments and wishes for the previous post about Lemon Owl  ♥ We hope for the best )) Despite the delay, my getting ill and other complications – we did it! This Friday we have a lot to celebrate at my office so as one of the treats everyone got a fortune cookie. This was my first fortune cookie ever, just look what I have 🙂
Right to the point and right in time
My first project which I made using Attic Door collection – Sunshine
Just added some gold dust to make the brilliance of the sun 🙂
My favorite banners are made in two languages – Russian and English, where you can see my handwriting )) And of coarse some of the die cuts using the Silhouette machine. 
Attic Door – Lotto
Attic Door – Lemonade
Attic Door – Mosaic
Attic Door – Star
Attic Door Tags
Good luck and xoxoxo!