I was doubting whether I wanted to share this project or not. Those who follows  my blog knows that two years ago I tried my hand at this project in digital and gave up in the middle )) has not finished. Last year in December I bought the album and page protectors to start new PL 2013. After a discussion of Project Life  on Katya Seraphima’s blog, I still do not think that PL kills imagination and creativity and all too happy that this year I am in, and I hope to bring it to the end/ Some have said that PL is not a scrapbooking. Well do not bite my head off , but it’s funny to hear this from people who scrapbook and do not know how or where it started. Well at the end of the year I decided to share some of my layouts. I am very grateful to Tanya and Katya from scrapua.com who has brought Becky’s kits to their store! I love them! I bought a Core Kit Jade Edition and a set of pens (they are super cool). Cards are packaged in a film like this:
project life cards

This year I changed my Project Life philosophy (or project 365). Honestly, it was stressful for me to take pictures every day, or rather not even the idea that I need to take pictures every day (I like to shoot )) I was sticking to the rule that it had to be one photo for each day in a week. And if anything particular or important didn’t happen I had to think up what photo to make for this day. This is how it seemed to me and this is how I saw this project on other girls’ blogs two years ago. This year I have no rules no restrictions – I shoot what I want and when I want. I may have no photos in some days or vice versa have several photos for one day to put in my album.

birthday girl pocket scrapbook layout

I decided to make light version and do not put to many embellishments. Mainly I use my Silhouette Portrait to cut the details and words for my layouts. And sometimes I use it to write or draw on cards.

DIY Personalized Pocker Scrapbook Cards With the Silhouette Sketch Pen

This year we visited the dolphinarium on Lera’s birthday. I can’t tell you how  beautiful dolphins are! It’s simply mesmerizing the way they move. In my childhood I saw them only from a distance when they jumped out of the water in our sea. And to see them closely – so exciting. And I also feel sorry for them…

It takes about one hour to make one layout and the process looks like this: choose photos, edit them, print, lay all details out – move – lay out – move – lay out – move ))… add embellishments and journalling.

Well today I wrote quite a lot words )) which is unusual for my posts.
Have a wonderful weekend!!