Hi, girls! Today I got two parcels with cards for Tomoko from the post office  🙂 Yesterday my husband brought me a big box also with cards and notebooks from Autolux carrier  🙂 I’ve already packed everything in files, in the evening I get them labeled.


And who put such a premium bunny and did not warn? ))) Barely persuaded Valery to get out of the house and return the hare to the box, I had to come up with a story about a bunny traveler))) who will go to Japan to look for treasures))

And these are toys from Olya. We saw them at a meeting, and I hid them at home from Lera))

and a drawing from Yegorka (son of Olya) – such a gentleman 🙂

At the moment, we have put together:
– 75 postcards
– 3 boxes
– 3 notebooks
– 6 tags
– 3 toys
– 1 drawing 🙂