It’s Friday in an hour! Horror! A week passed… And the hands didn’t reach the scrap))) relaxed in silence and calm, away from the noisy Kiev;) So about the scrapbook …

I have been using this for a long time, I decided to post it on a blog (maybe for someone it will not be new;) but still.

The technique is very simple. You only need a breadboard knife, film and patience =) I found on my closet such a bunch of covers for brochure (I have no idea where it was from there … hmmm), well, I found it, it’s mine))) I use these sheets for stencil (you can replace them with anything, starting from candy packages, ending with packages for Prima flowers, etc.)

Select an image, draw by hand or transfer to film by placing a picture/print under it. I draw a thin marker for disks

Now the hardest part is cutting it right! By the example of a butterfly: if we cut along the outer contour, we get a completely hollow pattern, i.e. the print on the sheet will be like this (in principle, you can leave it like that)

Therefore, you need to think a bit (if there is not enough film, it is better to train on plain paper) I decided to crop the body a little, that’s what happened =)
With a flower, everything is much simpler 🙂
The result … You can stamp as paints, inks, and crayons
Here’s what you can do using stencils (page 20×20 cm)