Hi there! It’s so wonderful on vacation by the sea 🙂 Bathing in the sun, reading, relaxing. I draw shapes for Silhouette in the evening. This year we have a huge achievement – Lera learned to dive. It’s definitely the result of visiting the swimming pool during the autumn and winter months. To put it mildly, Lera was afraid of water.  Look at her now 🙂 Granny has bought glasses for her – happy face )) 
And this shot you’ve already seen on FB.
I was so eager to take a picture in the field full of sunflowers.
*on our way to my parents*
This post will be long, I have so many projects to show. Today I will share my works for
Webster’s Pages. As usual clean-n-simple stile 🙂 It’s the most complicated style for me 🙂 You need to make something beautiful and interesting and in the same time simple )) I can see that this stile is not very popular in here. It seems to me that our girls like the most freestyle and mixed-media with a lot of mediums and embellishments 🙂 Looking through my works made in the past few months I noticed that 99% of all materials I used is paper 🙂 












Have sunny days!