Christmas Tree Gift Boxes Tower

New Year, New Year! I love Christmas and New Year! Lera already can not wait for that day when we hang the Advent calendar. I hope by that time we could overcome her autumn aggravation of allergy, agree we will soon feed her with bread and water only. Well, I’ve made this Christmas tree gift boxes tower for Webster’s Pages from It’s Christmas collection {by Allison Kreft}.

I had to climb up to the mezzanine to get the garland to be able to shoot in an appropriate atmosphere. At first, I was upset that I didn’t manage to take pictures during the day. Whatever happens, is for the best. It turned out even better – in the evening by the light of garland!

I simply adore these paperclips! So cute!


And I couldn’t resist  the temptation to take some pics with the garland light on the background ))


Wish you all the best!