Hi!! Every time while trying to write a post I don’t know from what part to start )) Why it is so difficult to start. At the end of last year, I read a wonderful book “The Creative Habit” written by Twyla Tharp – a prominent American dancer and choreographer. So if you do not know from what part to start she advises you to start from any part – from the middle, from the end, it does not matter, you need just to start. 
Well to the point, if you show these two pages to the persons who know neither me nor 7 Dots they probably would think that they were made by two different designers )) It’s hard for me to stay in one style, I’ve already written about it, it’s boring for me. From the other side every time I sent a DT application I was confused by a request to describe my style. I do not have a favorite style and I can do nothing about it )) I don’t know if it’s good or bad…

Anyway, here we go! My two fresh pages for 7 Dots Studio 
“Bath Time”

You may say that it is quite unusual LO for me but I do love clean-&-simple style. At first, I wanted to scrap this photo as always but then an idea popped up in my head and I decided why not. Thanks to my Silhouette I cut out an amazing bathtub and made such wonderful multi-sized bubbles. I cut the background sheet into two pieces and interchanged them so I could put the polka dot frame together. I think it looks quite pretty this way. In the end, I added some embellishments – yellow duck, little bathtub, a towel, some clear bubbles, and words.





Supplies: 7 Dots, All I Ever – Peaceful Place, 
Mind Full of Hopes

Sandy Beach

Soft Blanket

“Mommy, you’re my friend!”
Oh, these are so sweet words to hear from the little daughter. And I was eager to use them on a page. On the background paper, you can see gesso notes which I made with a mask. I decided to add a little bit of glamour by using glitter 🙂






Supplies: 7 Dots, All I Ever – Sandy Beach, 
Peaceful Place
, Love and Be Loved

Stickers 6×12
Vanilla Butterfly

Alpha Stickers Summer Night