This panel became my favorite work for me, I probably haven’t put so much myself into any work =) It hangs on the wall near the chest of drawers of my daughter.
Honestly, I somehow earned money and forgot to remove the whole process of creation. Everything is attached to a strip of lace. To prevent the wings from mowing (it naturally turned out to be harder with the flowers), I first glued them onto cardboard, and then with cardboard onto the lace. Wings is a landscape blank.
The white round frame is a plastic frame from the mirror =) On top painted with acrylic paint in 3 layers.

The upper structure is mounted on a paper tube from a thin double-sided tape, also covered with a layer of paint. The heart is a gypsum blank.

And finally))) the long-awaited violin is a baby rattle, all the same painted with acrylic paint 🙂 I laid eyes on her as soon as she was presented to Lera)))