Hello, friends, colleagues, and comrades! Finally, we have a hot summer. The last two weeks of May happened to be difficult for me… If before I could work till 2-3 am, last month I was just going out like a light with Lera at 9 pm. I guess my lack of sleep and constant tension reached its climax in the end. My website ScrapNews was nearly dead and then my blog started losing its pulse… In general, if briefly – I quit my office job (by the way, a good one, miss my team, it was fun), but I had neither the strength nor the desire to combine it all together. So now I am a self-employed artist which means I will have to work 24/7, no matter whether the muse came to me for a cup of coffee or not :))
10 минут на чтение с утра | 10 minutes to read in the morning 
Well, thank you, guys, for reading all that mess above 🙂 Let’ s return to scrapbooking! Here are the projects I made for Webster’s Pages. The first one is the lifting of Emma’s layout (oh Emma, I adore her works!) and then two digital layouts using two new {amazing} collections ♥



cotton candy


These pics were taken this Easter. My sweet happy face {adorable}. I definitely need to scrapbook them.
So that’s how things are! I hope very soon I’ll return to my former iwritealotonmyblog mode.