Hello to all! I publish the stages of sewing a backpack from the cartoon “Dora the Explorer”. Lera loves this cartoon, along with “Go, Diego, Go!” and my last find – “Word World” is also a cool series. It is completely in English, it teaches how to write words.

I did not finish the sewing courses, so I did everything intuitively, almost by eye. The old paper for patterns that I brought from my mother helped me a lot. I drew a pattern on this paper. For the main part, I took a plate and circled it on the pattern paper, then continued the lines up and outlined the bottom. 🙂

At first I decided to embroider the face of the backpack. The eyes and mouth are carved from felt.

Good thought comes after … I was tormented by embroidering the eyes of the backpack in a zigzag pattern – the material was very stretched, then I decided to put a piece of lining. The difference is visible, the line went smoothly and quickly.

I cut two circles out of black felt and cut out the pupils with a hole punch. Then I sewed them manually.

This is a lined pocket to hold things better in the backpack pocket. I gathered the top with an elastic band.

Before stitching the main part and side strip, I sewn pockets.

To strengthen the walls, I inserted a thick cord.


Eyebrows are also made of felt, I sewed them in a zigzag to the finished cover. Together with the eyebrows, velcros were sewn on the backside.



I found how to sew a lining on blog At Second Street. There is a workshop on sewing Dasha’s backpack without pockets.

I complicated my own a bit.

All good mood 🙂